Who does the fractured strategist works with?

The Fractured Strategist works with early and mid-career women who need a strategy for a personal or career transition or the launch of a new initiative.

Why early TO mid career WOMEN?

Well, women are the future! more specifically, early and mid career women are critical to the sustainability of our workforce.  Unfortunately, early to mid career professional women also lack the most guidance in the early stages of their career. Recent graduates can rely on the support of their university’s career guidance resources for assistance with entering the workforce.  However, once in the workforce, young professional women must rely on their sponsors, mentors and personal strategic plans in order to advance in their careers and achieve their professional goals.  If any or all of these forms of guidance are not present, the most common outcome is career stagnation and/or the “stuck” “in a rut” feeling far too many young professionals experience after a few years in the work force.  

The Fractured Strategist helps women re-envision their trajectory and align their actions with their goals utilizing the “basket exercise” and creating an individualized action plan.  The basket exercise is especially helpful to women who have to balance multiples roles in their lives and are faced with choices that must accommodate various roles. The decisions, changes and choices that have to be made are made in light of the competing priorities that come with the balancing act of wearing multiple hats.  The best decisions are often those that allow us to be our most authentic selves and honor all of the important roles in our lives and not just one! All aspects of our identities and the social, cultural and professional implications of these, best decisions are made at the intersection of everything we are!

Ready to do this “Basket Exercise” with The Fractured Strategist?