Boston, MA

I was ready to jump in the pool, ready to swim, I just needed the push, and there was Marlene. For the past two years I have  been trying to make some changes in my career, pursing my dreams and aspirations was something I had always done; however, for some reason I just hit a road block and couldn’t move further or back. I had an idea of what I wanted to to do, but, something kept holding me back. I remember seeing Marlene at my best friends house, I really loved her energy, and we said lets connect. We had our first coaching session, talking about my ideal work schedule, my dream work days. I remember mapping that out and feeling so liberated. I  am keeping it because I am confident one day I will get my dream schedule.  By the second coaching day we mapped out my action plan. According to my action plan I was supposed to start my first part of the plan on January 3rd and we have met Jan 2nd, I was like OMG, I am supposed to start my first part of the action plan tomorrow, I freaked, got nervous etc. But that day I started my plan,  which is my Facebook Live Series. I already had the topics Marlene helped me develop, so guess what, Jan 3rd it was. Since them I have been doing them every week, at the same time, the same day. I continue to work on my action plan,  which works great for my busy new mom schedule. Meeting Marlene it just what I need it, she keeps the meetings focus, allows me to not get on a tangent and our meetings are very strategic, its not a counseling session.  I have worked with two other coach in the past, they have helped me navigate the experiences I was living at the time; however, this is the first time I feel I have made progress to my real dream of becoming a inspirational speaker, a change agent. Marlene thanks for helping map out my real path.



Washington, DC


I was referred to work with Marlene through a close friend of mine when I was in need of professional support. I was transitioning within my field but had strong concerns about becoming complacent. I was unclear on how to express what I wanted in my new career in a professional manner and struggling with boundaries of a crowded, competitive career ladder. 

Marlene began our conversations with an open dialogue of my frustrations and my struggles, but then challenged me to look at what my intentions were in my professional life, the bigger picture beyond my current situation. With Marlene’s guidance, I made immediate goals, 5 year goals, and 10 year goals, all with measureable and attainable markers of achievement. From these goals and outlining my current skills, she helped me develop substantial and meaningful conversations to have at my office with discussion points of where I was and how I saw my trajectory with the company. 

Marlene was wonderful in finding peace and creating structure in what felt like frustrated chaos. She made dedicated efforts over our multiple telephone and email dialogues to really understand me as a person and as a young professional, which made a clear, positive impact. Marlene’s work not only helped me with current situations, but gave me clarity in my vision for my future and confidence in myself as a competent young professional.