Strategically moving towards success...


There are times when we know what we would like to do and need next steps. There are times when we need a brainstorming partner to help clarify our thoughts and expand our career possibilities. There are times when all of these things are in place and we simply need an incendiary to ignite our passions, help us organize our ideas and create a strategy to move us from feeling stuck to feeling empowered. Hi, my name is Marlene Brito and I am The Fractured Strategist. I work with early and mid-career women who need a strategy for personal and career transitions.

I believe we are all fractured in some way, we are multi layered and multi-dimensional.  We feel fractured when we have to honor one aspect of our life or career vs another.  I help women navigate changes in their personal and professional lives and craft strategies that merge their talents with their passions and allow them to be their most authentic selves - honoring all aspects of who they are!   Are you ready for a change?   



Talks and Workshops

Facilitation of group workshops on a variety of leadership development and empowerment topics, including the signature "Basket Exercise" for small groups and teams. Learn more here.

The Basket Exercise

A mission-to-vision alignment exercise that moves participants from inaction to action! Learn more here.